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By bicycle

(Re) discover Mont-Saint-Michel

By bicycle

The project to restore Mont-Saint-Michel’s maritime character enhances the journey between the mainland and the Mount. With a completely new discovery route, it connects together landscapes that are traversed one after the other. The new approach route is intended to be worthy of this world heritage landmark site and its symbolic portrayal.


New reception services

At the heart of the new parking area, you may take advantage of services and amenities that have been installed for your convenience.  To learn more about these, please visit the Services and prices section.

The locality known as « La Caserne », situated between the parking area and the Place du Barrage (near the dam), comprises a large zone containing restaurants and accommodation.  To learn all about the access arrangements at the Caserne, please go to the Accomodation and Restaurants section.

Lastly, you will find all information concerning the new reception area and the tourist attractions in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel at the Tourist Information Centre  set up for this purpose.


Access to the parking area by bicycle

As part of the restoration of Mont-Saint-Michel’s maritime character, the new reception area also contains two free parking zones for cyclists:

• a zone situated in zone P9 of the parking area, close to the Tourist Information Centre;

• a zone situated close to the Place du Barrage.


The parking area by bicycle


From 28th April 2012 onward, bicycles will no longer be allowed to ride along the causeway road.

For safety reasons, but also because nowadays it is impossible to set up a bicycle parking area at the foot of Mont-Saint-Michel, the site being classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, cyclists are requested to leave their bicycles at the parking areas reserved for them and proceed to the Mount on foot or by shuttle.


Access to the Mount on foot

Parking vélo

If you decide to use the free bicycle park in zone P9 of the parking area, several pedestrian routes are provided so that you may enjoy the scenery around the Bay and the new view of Mont-Saint-Michel.

To find out more about them, please consult the Access on foot section.

The pedestrian routes all lead to the Place du Barrage, the last stop before the causeway leading to the Rock.  On your arrival at the Place du Barrage you can decide whether you want to continue your journey to the Mount on foot, or take one of the free shuttles that are at your disposal.

If you decide to use the free bicycle park close to the Place du Barrage, in the same way, you can choose whether to continue your journey to the Mount on foot or take one of the free shuttles that are at your disposal.

The walking time, from the Place du Barrage to Mont-Saint-Michel, is around 30 minutes.


Access to the Mount from the Place des Navettes


The Maringote and the Passeur shuttle

By Passeur shuttle

Accès navette

From the Place des Navettes, which is situated close to the parking area, next to the Tourist Information Centre, you may take the Passeur, a free reversible shuttle.  To learn all about the Passeur, please consult the Access by shuttle section.

By horse-drawn shuttle, la Maringote

Opt for an original form of transport: la Maringote*. This shuttle, pulled by two horses, allows you to reach the Mount in around 45 minutes.  It’s an invitation to discover the Bay in the manner of the ancient pilgrims.  You can find the prices for la Maringote in the Prices section.

* Except in the case of very busy days or if there is bad weather   


Also, please refer to our brochures in the Downloads section.