A parking area specially for coaches

Parking area specially dedicated to coaches

A special parking area for coaches has been set up in the P7 section. It can be accessed via the road that leads to the Mont-Saint-Michel hamlet, known as the Caserne.

Dropping off and picking up groups

Groups can be dropped off in the special coach P7 section of the parking area, in the "drop-off and pick-up" zone, right next to the footpath that leads to the Tourist Information Centre and shuttles. Signposts are visible all along the footpaths in the parking area, helping visitors find their way and start their tour serenely.

Groups must be picked-up in the dedicated "drop-off and pick-up" zone. While waiting for your group, please park outside this zone in the numbered spaces.

Make your trips easier with our subscription system

Do you regularly organise trips to Mont-Saint-Michel? Contact us if you would like to register for a subscription, enabling you to pay your parking on a monthly basis.

Coach prices

The applicable rates for coaches are available here. The daily parking option authorises a one-hour exit pass for refuelling; the coach can then re-enter the parking area with no problem. If you wish to exit the parking area, please pay the due amount and press on the call button upon exiting the car park. 

Break room for drivers

A break room specially dedicated to coach drivers is open in the Tourist Information Centre. To access it, please ask the hostesses and welcome agents working in the Tourist Information Centre.