Accessing the 'Passeur' shuttles

Getting to Mont-Saint-Michel thanks to the motorised reversible 'Passeur" shuttle bus 

To get to Mont-Saint-Michel, a free shuttle bus is available to visitors: the Passeur. It starts from the shuttle hub, located next to the Tourist Information Centre, right next to the parking area.

The Passeur will take you to the Mont-Saint-Michel end stop, located 350 metres away from the city walls. It runs non-stop from 7.30am to 12.00am. It takes about 12 minutes for the shuttle to drive from the hub to the end stop, located 350 metres away from the city walls.

Caution! No pets are accepted in the shuttle buses, and they are not allowed in the Abbey either. You can however walk to Mont-Saint-Michel with your pets if they are held on a leash. If you wish, a kennel is available.

How do you get a shuttle outside operating times?

Outside the Passeur's operating times (from 12.00am to 7.30am), a replacement shuttle will take you to and from the town upon request (call +33 (0)2 14 13 20 15).

The 'Passeur', a shuttle accessible to all

The 'Passeur' shuttles are accessible to people with reduced mobility. This means that access ramps were installed at each entrance to the shuttle, that two wheelchair areas and six seats for people with reduced mobility have been reserved in the bus, and that sound and visual aids are available throughout the trip.

The Passeur: a technical innovation and a unique means of transport

Its design, technical abilities and most importantly its reversible feature enable it to fit in perfectly with the landscape and new infrastructures. The 'Passeur' is an innovative bus at the service of a renowned Unesco World Heritage site.